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Information are the boon and bane of our present society. Who hasn’t experienced it? On the one hand you want or need access to plenty of information, on the other hand you are overpowered by the abundance of information, in particular if you have to manage and archive that information yourself.
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Since long we have therefore accustomed to the benefits of modern communication and use the internet as outsourced archive from where we source information the moment we need them. Exactly this is what DOPCAP constitutes: a centralised, cross-border archive of construction product information which is fed by construction product manufacturers and is the users’ disposal anytime, anywhere.

Construction Products Regulation and Duty of Information

DOPCAP was initiated against the background of the information duties economic operators have according to the Construction Products Regulation ((Regulation (EU) 305/2011). Therefore DOPCAP primarily provides the information that need to be made available according to the Regulation. These are on the one hand the declarations of performance of the respective construction products and on the other hand e.g. safety data sheets according to the European Chemicals Regulation REACH (Regulation (EC) 1907/2006) if applicable to the respective product. Beyond these required information manufacturers may however use DOPCAP to provide additional important and useful product information, such as environmental product declarations. Each of these information is linked to the respective product via the unique, product specific DOPCAP access code.
What DOPCAP warrants:
• All information on DOPCAP is available free of charge and without prior registration of the user.
• Each available document is available solely with the indications provided in the CE marking.
• The manufacturers participating in DOPCAP spare you from gathering information from different sources. Fotolia 35429282 XS
• DOPCAP complies with the requirements of the European Commission for making declarations of performance available on the internet, in a neutral and manufacturer independent way.
• Once they have been published on DOPCAP, the declarations of performance remain unmodified and unambiguously accessible even years after the product was last manufactured and placed on the market.
• DOPCAP ensures access to product information that has been made available throughout years even if a manufacturer ceases business operations.
• The independence of DOPCAP from individual manufacturers warrants a high level of safety and trust.
• Manufacturers administer their information on DOPCAP themselves. This ensures correct first-hand information.
• Product information which by law has to be provided up to date, such as safety data sheets, is always made available in the current version.

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