Access codes

Product information on DOPCAP is accessible via a unique code. This access code, which is equivalent to the number of the declaration of performance, is supplied with the CE marking of the respective product. The code always consists of a unique, 5-digit manufacturer code and a unique product identifier. Both are separated by a hyphen, e.g. “BUILD-MODEL0123-2013”.
In this example “BUILD” is the manufacturer code and “MODEL0123-2013” the product identifier.Fotolia 53613072 XS
To download the information that corresponds to a product the clients just reads the access code from the CE marking and enters it in the designated field on 44334889 XS

All stored information for the respective product will then be shown and also for which country resp. in which language it is available.
Depending on the technical equipment at the factory and depending on where and how the CE marking is affixed, manufacturers may also indicate a QR code. When scanning this QR code, e.g. with a smartphone using a regular QR code scanner app, the user is directly directed to the respective documents.

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