DOPCAP is an initiative from manufacturers for manufacturers that place construction products on the European market. The initiative goes back to 2011, when the EU Regulation 305/2011 (Construction Product Directive CPR) became effective. The CPR obliges manufacturers to provide a declaration of performance for their products when placing them on the market, in addition to having to CE mark these products. For the first time it also imposes information duties. However, if this information is to be provided in paper form, these duties are either hardly to comply with or generally at high costs. The very amount of information but also the obligation to provide it in the official language or languages of the Member State in which the product is made available, confronts both manufacturers and distributors with logistic problems. This was the impulse for launching a common, centralised, European platform onto which declarations of performance (DoPs) can be fed and retrieved: DOPCAP – the Declaration of Performance Common Access Point.
While DOPCAP’s main focus is on DoPs and their making available manufacturers can also use the platform to supply professionals and private interested parties with additional legal or voluntary product information.
The internet platform DOPCAP is run at lowest possible costs without any intention to generate profit. The legal entity operating DOPCAP is CONPICO, an umbrella association founded the national and European associations that represent the manufacturers who use DOPCAP to provide their product information. Although DOPCAP is operated by the association CONPICO its services are available to any manufacturer irrespective of a membership in the association. The information which is stored on DOPCAP and which is available for download via the product specific access code (the DoP number) is of course accessible free of charge and without the need to register as download user.

The construction product information is transmitted electronically, both via download as well as by direct exchange with other data bases. DOPCAP of course complies with the conditions according to article 7 (3) of the Construction Product Regulation for making copies of the declarations of performance available on a web site. CONPICO members decide which type of information may be made available via DOPCAP and how it is transmitted resp. exchanged. These members are manufactures from different sectors of the construction product industry who are either involved through direct membership in CONPICO or membership in a CONPICO member association. This plurality ensures DOPCAP’s independence from individual manufacturers and the application of common rules and standards to all manufacturers: a precondition and warrantor for trust, credibility and reliability of information.

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