The Construction Products Regulation states, that it is important to ensure that national technical national technical rules are accessible. This way enterprises, and in particular SMEs, shall be able easily get a reliable and precise picture about law in force in the Member where they intend to place or make available on the market their products. For this purpose Member States shall designate Product Contact Points for Construction for this purpose.
The Product Contact Points for Construction shall - in addition to the usual tasks of contact point for other product areas - provide information on rules applicable to the incorporation, assembling or installation of a specific type of construction product.
Article 10 of the Construction Products Regulation specifies:

3. With regard to the tasks defined in Article 10(1) of Regulation (EC) No 764/2008, each Member State shall ensure that the Product Contact Points for Construction provide information, using transparent and easily understandable terms, on the provisions within its territory aimed at fulfilling basic requirements for construction works applicable for the intended use of each construction product, as provided for in Article 6(3)(e) of this Regulation.
The European Commission keeps an overview of the Member States’ Product Contact Points for Construction.

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