for using the
Declaration of Performance - Common Access Point
(Amended 1 January 2016)

1. Accessing information

The access to construction products information that is made available on the platform (Declaration of Performance - Common Access Point; DOPCAP) setup by Construction Product Information Confederation e. V. (CONPICO) is generally free of charge.

2. Servicec, fees and prices

For using the internet platform DOPCAP and providing information over the legally required or an otherwise agreed period of time, the following fees are charged per registered Unique Manufacturer Code:

Services Payment methodTariff a)

Registration on the platform b)

non-recurring fee500,00 €1.000 €

Use of the platform

annually500,00 € c)1.000 € c)

Providing a
Declaration of
Performance d)

Module A e)per activation
(validation) of a
Declaration of
Module B e)4 CREDITSf)8 CREDITSf)
Providing an attachment to a
Declaration of Performance
Per attachment upon
activation (validation)
of the corresponding
Declaration of Performance

a) The tariffs referred to in column A shall apply to companies which are ordinary members of the Construction Product Information Confederation e.V. (CONPICO) pursuant to section 3.2.1 of the Statutes, respectively to companies which are directly or indirectly associated with ordinary members in accordance with section 3.2.2 of the statutes. The tariffs in column B shall apply to all other companies.
b) Upon registration the Unique Manufacturer Code (UMC) is assigned.
c) In addition to the registration the usage fee always fully applies in the year of the registration. Exceptionally it is reduced by 50 % for the registration year, if the registration takes place between the 1st July and 31st December.
d) Per declaration of performance (DoP) for up to 5 language or country versions.
e) Module A comprises a simple transmission of pdf documents by the manufacturer. In module B, input data is transmitted from which the system generates Declarations of Performance (DoPs).
f) CREDITS can only be purchased online at a price of 1 € / CREDIT.

3. Payment of the fees

The usage fee is due on 1 January of the respective year.
All other fees according to clause 2 of this scale of tariffs are due upon registration respectively activation of data.
The registration respectively shall only become effective and the data shall only be deemed communicated and will only be made available on the platform when the fees according to this Scale of Tariffs have been received by Construction Product Information Confederation e.V. (CONPICO).

4. Coming into force of the Scale of Tariffs

According to the decision of the CONPICO General Assembly this Scale of Tariffs applies from 1 January 2016.

5. Severability clause

If a provision of this Scale of Tariffs appears to be ineffective, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Bonn, 1 January 2016


[This is a translation of the original GEBÜHRENORDNUNG that was drafted and approved in the German language. In case of dispute the German version (Gebührenordnung) applies.]

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