DOPCAP is a platform operated by CONPICO, a multi-sector umbrella association of construction product manufacturers. Neither the association nor the platform are profit oriented. Content and extent of the services offered by DOPCAP as well as the fees to be charged are decided by the general assembly. Access to information is free of charge for download users. The costs for making information available are therefore shared amongst the participation manufactures following a pay-per-upload model. DOPCAP refrains from charging subscription or annual fees.

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DOPCAP complies with the requirements for making declarations of performance available on the internet (s. article 7.3, CPR). DOPCAP’s network among members helps identifying and implementing new legal requirements: only once, in one central location and for all participating members in the same way. DOPCAP is also best prepared for the foreseeably growing duty to supply information in the environmental field.
DOPCAP co-operates with other information platforms in order to minimise the burden for supplying and administering product information, while ensuring exchange and dissemination of information. To this DOPCAP defines and develops interfaces to ensure that the relevant information that is available on each cooperation platform is correct and up-to-date. Hence DOPCAP is perfectly in line with the common needs of manufacturers and their clients as to communicating product information.

Why do construction product manufacturers use DOPCAP?

  • Because DOPCAP is user friendly. Distributors, designers, craftsmen and clients receive the obligatory information comfortably from one location and do not need to gather it from multiple sites.
  • Because DOPCAP operates efficiently and at low cost.
  • Because manufacturers and clients can rely on DOPCAP to comply with the regulatory requirements for the making available of the obligatory documents.
  • Because a manufacturer independent database creates confidence in the new system of electronic provision of data.
  • Because interfaces to other data bases, e.g. the inventory management systems of distributors, can easily be created.
  • Because the importance of electronic communication in regulated areas will increase and DOPCAP already is an ideal platform for this communication.

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