Declarations of Performance for Construction Products

What applies as of 1 July 2013?

On 1 July 2013 the new Construction Product Regulation (CPR) came fully into force. Since then manufacturers of CE marked products have to provide a declaration of performance when placing products on the market. Distributors which make the products available on the market have to provide a copy of the respective declaration of performance and ensure the products bear the required marking.

What applies in future?

The CPR explicitly foresees the making available of declarations of performances via internet. To this the CE marking has to contain the information needed by the client to download the specific declaration of performance. The making available via internet is an efficient way of providing the declarations of performances and unburdens manufacturers and distributors alike. On a case-by-case basis clients are however entitled to request and receive a printed copy of the declaration of performance of a specific product.

How can producers and distributors proceed now?

The web-based solution is the solution of the near future. It has to be designed to meet all expected requirements and be accepted by authorities and users.
In the mean time – and as a general alternative form of communication – declarations of performance may be provided to clients on data storage media.

What does the web-based solution provide?

To serve for manufacturers and clients, an independent data base solution is needed which meets the following conditions:

1 The website must be accessible for downloading declarations of performance free of charge to any one at any time without registration or the like.

2 Access to the declaration of performance must be direct and unambiguous with no other information than the one provided with the CE marking.

3 The declaration of performance must be accessible throughout the mandatory period of time (at present for 10 years after the products was last placed on the market)

4 Accessibility to the declarations of performance throughout the mandatory period of time must be given even if the respective manufacturer ceases to exist (and cannot further be charged for the data base services)

5 Declarations of performances that have been published for download must under no circumstances be modified.

6 Where applicable, the additional documents that may be required according to the Construction Products Regulation need to be provided together with the declaration of performance.

7 Construction products may be distributed into other Member States with or without the manufacturer’s knowledge.

Web based solutions therefore need to provide the means for downloading the declarations of performance in different languages. Solely national web based solutions are inappropriate.

The Declaration of Performance Common Access Point (DOPCAP) is a data base that is designed to meet afore listed conditions. DOPCAP serves as a centralised, European archiving and access platform. This way information can be administered in one location only and be made available across borders and IT systems. DOPCAP is no isolated application; DOPCAP is open to all who wish to use it and interfaces to other data bases can be developed if need be.

The advantage is obvious: there is one pan-European contact point for the declarations of performances of multiple manufacturers instead of multiple national or individual contact points. The hunt for the relevant information on manufacturer or distributor sites is dispensable. This is a key to gaining acceptance by clients and authorities.


DOPCAP was launched by national and European associations of construction product manufacturers. It is operated by CONPICO (Construction Products Information Confederation e.V.) which is a registered association.

DOPCAP operates without intention of realising profit.

More than 150 manufacturers with more than 175 production sites have already registered and decided to use DOPCAP. Until the end of the year approx.. 20.000 declarations of performance as well as 4.000 to 6.000 additional documents, such as safety data sheets will be available.

It is in the interest of manufacturers and distributors to support the DOPCAP solution.
Example: Use of the DOPCAP-logo with a QR code in a declaration of performance and a CE marking

Example: Use of the DOPCAP-logo with a QR code in a declaration of performance and a CE marking


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