As soon as a manufacturer has registered on DOPCAP he receives his own, unique manufacturer code (UMC). To obtain the DOPCAP access code, which is equivalent to the number of the declaration of performance, the manufacturer complements the UMC with the unique product identifier he has assigned to the respective product.
The central, pivotal point of the DOPCAP concept is the declaration of performance according to the CPR, that manufactures may provide on DOPCAP for download. In addition for a number of products also REACH information (usually safety data sheets) has to be delivered along with, i.e. at the same time as the declaration of performance. Furthermore, as an option, additional technical product information, e.g. regarding the use of the product, may be offered for download. As a general rule DOPCAP provides all these documents for download only as PDF files. The documents as such are created, uploaded and activated under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.
Fotolia 54828515 XSWith regards to the services offered, DOPCAP follows a modular concept. Besides offering the basic services for providing documents (BASIC usage scheme) it is also possible for an individual manufacturer or for groups of manufacturers to develop system extensions (add-ons) and have these implemented (PREMIUM usage scheme).
In the BASIC DOPCAP usage scheme the manufacturer creates the documents himself of has them created under his responsibility. In doing so, he respects the applicable conditions for using DOPCAP, e.g. that the number of the access code must be identical with the number of the declaration of performance. When the drafting is completed, the manufacturer logs on to a non-public section of DOPCAP and uploads the documents onto DOPCAP. In this phase he ensures the correct assignment of the documents to the respective access codes. Once the documents are uploaded they remain in the manufacturer’s members area for a final check and approval (validation). Only validated documents are transferred onto the publically accessible DOPCAP server and become available for download. The fee for making the documents publically available is due on validation of the documents and covers the costs for a period of 15 years.
Depending on the implemented system extensions, in the PREMIUM DOPCAP usage scheme different functions are possible, such as generating multi-lingual documents from raw data (data on performances resp. properties) using a predefined layout template. The PREMIUM scheme is currently available to a large number of manufacturers whose associations have developed and implemented add-ons for generating declarations of performance. In these cases, in addition to making the final documents available for download, DOPCAP also stores the raw data in a data base for further use and for administration by the manufacturer.
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